Find the meaning
It is a unique space for reflection. It is a welcoming house for those who never stop questioning themselves.
It is a place, far from the frenzy of everyday life, where we can look for the real meaning of our existence and our times,.It is Torino Spiritualità.
Five days of meetings, dialogues and lectures that will help us to grow together through debates between consciences and the crossing of faiths, cultures and religions from all over the world.

A community of thought
Coordinated by the Foundation Circolo dei Lettori, Torino Spiritualità is an event not to be missed for more than 45.000 people from all over Italy. People that are not just an audience, but a real community united by the desire to explore and research, here to give life to a fruitful dialogue that intertwines words, silence, comprehension and experience.

A shared path
From 2005 up until today each edition is a shared path, an itinerary between more than 150 meetings aiming each year to the comprehension of a different theme.
Hope, memory, the gift of a smile, the common objective of each edition is to explore the ethic and spiritual dimension of the human being. It is seen as a necessary moment to connect with other people and open new streets for knowledge.

Many voices, many worlds
Accompanying the audience through the festival are philosophers, theologians, historians, writers, artists, scientists, politicians and economists from all over the world. Their voices offer a multiplicity of ideas and points of view, not trying to give answers but posing new questions. Torino Spiritualità was born from the confrontation of different worlds. Associations, corporations, cultural and research institutions, cooperate every year to build the festival.

A decentralized festival
From the city center and the suburbs, from Torino and the region Piemonte, Torino Spiritualità takes advantage of the spirit of the places to create meaning and start new researches. In theatres, churches, libraries, museums and the hills around the city, Torino Spiritualità transforms the city and the area around in an open space for reflection.

Torino Spiritualità all year
The association “Amici di Torino Spiritualità” was born in June 2008, it is a community of people passionate about the themes and debates of the festival. They are more than 2.000 women and men coming from different life experiences, cultures and religions who keep on the path started in September during the festival. They participate in meetings, trips and reflections and more than anything they stay together.


About Us


Torino Spiritualità started in 2002 as Domande a Dio. Domande agli uomini (Questions for God. Questions for men) a play created by Gabriele Vacis and Roberto Tarasco and performed at Teatro Stabile. Torino Spiritualità is a space for reflection, far from the everyday frenzy, for those who never stop questioning themselves about the real meaning of existence and the contemporary life.

Torino Spiritualità is organized by Circolo dei Lettori with the support of Regione Piemonte, the City of Tuirn, Compagnia San Paolo, Fondazione CRT, and the cooperation of Teatro Stabile di Torino, Teatro Nazionale.


Created by: Antonella Parigi
Luca Beatrice 
– President, Fondazione il Circolo dei Lettori
Maurizia Rebola 
– Director, Torino Spiritualità e Fondazione il Circolo dei Lettori
Armando Buonaiuto
 – Curator Torino Spiritualità
Maria Chiara GiordaRoberta LenaAlessandro Vanoli – Organization consultants Torino Spiritualità
Francesca Vittani – Organization supervisor, il Circolo dei Lettori
Anastasia Frandino – 
General organization, il Circolo dei Lettori
Franca La Ganga – 
Valentina Favore – Hospitality
Ex Libris Comunicazione, Federica Biasio, Francesca Tamblino – Communication and press
Mauro Filisetti
 – Graphic
Alice Zanotti – Social
Carlo Manca – Web
Studenti di Storia delle Religioni (Università di Torino) – Blog writers
Michele Calleri – Coordinatior of volunteers